1. Wimpels Made Simpel →

    Following a circumcision, medieval Jews wrapped baby boys in ornate Torah ties called wimpels, a long-lost tradition that Philologos explains.

  2. What is Aggadah, and How to Read It →

    Although the Talmud is best known for its…

  3. The End(s) of Irony →

    Filmmaker Yael Bartana, an Israeli representing Poland at the Venice Biennale, employs irony to question assumptions about Jewish nationhood.

  4. Getting Birthright Wrong →

    In mid-June, The Nation magazine, which for decades has provided a special platform for Jewish critics of Zionism, published an article by a young alumna of Birthright Israel, the organization that…

  5. Enactments of "The King's Law" →

    A call for Jewish justice and Jewish legal perspective, not only for Torat Hamelekh, the controversial “King’s Law” that brought about Rav Lior’s arrest, but for the wellbeing of the Jewish state..

  6. Her Life Was Saved by Rock ‘n’ Roll →

    Critic Ellen Willis wrote about the music that moved her, but never forgot the political or cultural context. Decades later, Ezra Glinter finds her writing no less resonant.

  7. Capital Crime. Capital Punishment? →

    Since its founding, the only person ever to be executed by the state of Israel has been the notorious Nazi, Adolf Eichmann. But the brutal murders of Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their young…

  8. Firth: A Screenplay or a Sham? →

    A new movie, The Promised Land, is in production starring Colin Firth of The King’s Speech. It is sure to be a success, but is reported to be another skewed, anti-Israel portrayal, this time of the…

  9. July 4th: Getting Old Means... →

    Imagine the 235th Independence Day of Israel…with the help of G-d (and a little less from Obama..).

  10. An Open Letter to Alice Walker →

    You are best known for your works of fiction and evidently have failed to come to grips with the facts of the Israeli/Arab conflict. You have no concern at all for the Israeli children of Sderot,…